Pet-project of Neverhund team. In our free time from project work, we make microproducts. These are small things that move and perform some useful function in the digital economy. You can call such things differently: utility, integration, a bunch of three scripts, a tool, a service, whatever you like.


We have already made Textile - a tool for working with texts from Figma layouts, Tabunn - a script that copies Google tables in the required quantity with the necessary modifications and Digital Mentor.
In plans to make another 50 microproducts. Stay up to date and follow our social networks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain instruction into the features that we offers.

How to set up a product?

Each product has its own set up instruction. You can find it on the product page.

Where should I write if I don’t understand how to set up the product or I have questions?

Write to us at We will try to help you as soon as possible, but we do not promise to respond quickly at night and on weekends.

I have an idea for a product/MVP and would like to discuss it. Can I contact you?

Sure! Write to us at

I want to donate. Сan I support your project?

You can help us: share a project, contribute to it, or donate to us to support future work.

Do you teach? Do you have any courses?

We have made a Digital Mentor for Team Leaders and Novice Managers. It is an interactive task book, which will help you to boost your management skills. Certificate of Accomplishment is included.



A script that edits Google spreadsheets (the required number, in the desired folder, the same or with the necessary changes).



Bot for automating and simplifying business processes



Figma plugin for quick transformation of the geometry of images/objects/frames